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How to care for your knives

What not to do

  • When chopping do not cut using the up and down motion, the correct way is to slice using forward and backwards motion.
  • When cleaning do not soak the knives and avoid anything containing an abrasive solution or bleach.
  • Use only the correct knife for each function in which it is intended for.
  • Never cut through frozen food or bones. Never twist the knife as this will bend the edge and could possibly chip the knife.

Washing & Cleaning

Wash by hand using a mild washing liquid with warm water. Make sure you rinse with water and then dry with a towel. Do not put a knife in the dishwasher as the sharp edges could damage other items in the wash. Depending on the make of your knife (high carbon stainless steel) this must not be washed other than by hand.


Knives should be kept either in a knife clock, wall rack, knife dock, roll cases or with a blade guard.


You will need to periodically sharpen your knives to maintain the sharpness.

There are a couple ways in which knives should be sharpened correctly. Waterstone or ceramic stone and between this it is recommended you use a fine ceramic or diamond rod to keep the edges of the knives aligned.

Waterstone & Ceramic Stones

Various types of waterstones and ceramic stones are available and normally a grit stone is sufficient to start off with. There are differences between waterstones and ceramic stones. A waterstone should be placed in water and allowed to soak for 10-15 minutes to allow the water to absorb. A ceramic stone also requires water but only needs to soak in water for 3-5 minutes. The ceramic stone is harder than a waterstone, it will sharpen your knives quickly. A ceramic stone lasts longer.

How should you sharpen your knives?

  • The stone should be soaked before use.
  • The knife should be at a 10-15 degree angle and push back and forth across the stone in smooth steady stokes and maintaining the same angle. Keeping to the same angle is most important and the way you will know this is by the sound, if you are making the same sound with each stroke then you are maintaining the same angle.
  • Do the same steps on both sides of the blade going from one side to the other until the knife is sharp.
  • You will notice some wet powder will appear but do not wipe this away just continue to sharpen.
    After sharpening you must wash your knives in hot water and towel dry.

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