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Buying consortium Cedabond celebrates its own and its members’ successes at this year’s annual awards 2018.

The recipient of the Bob McNab charity award, for the member or supplier who has made an outstanding contribution to charity and the winner this year is our very own Peter Bragg for his outstanding contribution.

Peter Bragg
For the last 10 years peter has been running a Charity called Aid4orphans which assists Children and Families living in poverty in Kenya. Following a family holiday in 2007 Peter & his wife decided to start assisting some children who lived at an orphanage in Mombasa that they visited as well as a large Primary School around 20miles south of Mombasa. The following year they registered as a UK Charity and started a sponsoring scheme to pay for school fees and expenses for children who lived in orphanages or whose Parents could not afford to send them to school. The Charity activities soon grew and in 2012 they purchased a large house in a good size plot and started their own Children’s Home. This mainly came about from realising how poorly managed the homes were that they visited and having a desire to create a special environment were children could grow having all their basic needs met and a good education.

Over the last 10years Peter has set up the Following
• Children’s Home caring for 40 children
• Sponsorship scheme that has paid school fees for around 120 children. The older ones are now at College and University. The scheme allows many families to care for their children instead of taking them to an Institution knowing that their school costs will be met
• 2 Porridge Programs for Nursery Schools. The current program feeds 160 children every morning. The benefits of this are huge as many children attend school having had nothing to eat for Breakfast and the teachers say that it really helps concentration and learning.
• Built 6 classrooms in 3 schools
• Provided computers to 2 schools
• Electricity and Water connections to schools
• Sports equipment to schools
• A tailoring workshop to provide employment
• A tuk tuk Project as an income generating scheme for the Children’s Centre with 8 Tuk Tuks which gives employment to 16 drivers
• Food deliveries to Children’s homes and Financial assistance

One of Peter’s main aims was to manage one of the best run Children’s Homes in the area which has been achieved working closely with the local authorities and following their requirements as closely as possible. Peter now advises and assists 3 other European organisations operating in Kenya along with local organisations having become a Trustee of 2 other projects besides his own.

Looking forward, besides managing his own Children’s Centre peter is keen to develop more Outreach style projects supporting Children in need and Families living in Poverty.

All this was achieved whilst running Cornwall Catering Equipment. In 2016 he teamed up with Allsop & Pitts so as to give him more free time to concentrate on his Charity Activities. Peter says that Allsop & Pitts have been very supportive of his time away allowing to help so many children

As well as running Aid4orphans and being a Director of the Kenyan Charity he is a member of Newquay Lions Club having been President 2 years ago. As part of his Lions activities he has twinned his club with a Lions Club in Mombasa which runs an eye Hospital and organised 2 outreach eye sight projects which has returned sight to 50 people through funding cataract operations. Peter has attended these Projects and met the patients in their villages during initial consultations and again at The Hospital in Mombasa the day after their surgery. He says that it is a very humbling experience as they are all so grateful for this gift of sight funded by Newquay Lions Club.

I am sure you will all agree he is a very deserving winner!


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