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Can Lobsters & Crustaceans feel pain?

If you haven’t heard about this debate then where have you been?

This debate has been long unresolved. However, studies conducted and recent events would suggest that they do feel pain…

This debate has been running for quite some time now, without definitive evidence so far to prove that they do feel pain. But is this a logical assumption surely?… after all Lobsters and Crustaceans are living beings and don’t all living things feel pain? Or is that too much of a simplistic way to look at it? Let’s take a look…

Lobster and Crustaceans on corn

A Crayfish becomes online hero by detaching claw to escape boiling soup

In June 2018 The Guardian reported on a hero Crayfish, that has shot to fame by amputating its own claw. It appeared to be trying to escape a vat of boiling soup. Once it had chopped of its own limb it made a bid for freedom. This story does have a happy ending as the hero crayfish was saved and is being raised in an aquarium now. But what about the billions of Crustaceans being served up all around the world, they may be destined for someone’s supper but did they suffer for your culinary delight?

Switzerland Make it illegal

Switzerland certainly think so. March 2018 saw the act of boiling a lobster alive an act of animal cruelty. The Swiss will need to stun or kill animals before boiling them, and lobsters can’t be kept alive on ice. It’s actually not clear how the Swiss government thinks a lobster should be killed, but they’ve decided that enough research suggests they experience pain that we cannot boil them alive in good conscience.

So, what is the Humane Way to Kill?

There are a number of ways of preparing Lobster and Crustaceans that has been suggested as humane, but there are also questions as to how humane these methods actually are.
One method is to place them in the refrigerator and allow them to become unconscious before placing them in boiling water. However, once the lobster hits the boiling water they are quickly brought back to consciousness and may live up to three minutes past this point.
Another method is to cut into their spinal column above their head before cutting up the rest of their body. However, if this research proves true, then these creatures will not only feel the pain of the initial cut, but they may also continue to feel pain throughout the several remaining strokes of the knife until their nervous system is completely destroyed.

Have Mitchell & Cooper come up with the Solution?

“The world’s only humane stunning system for lobster, crabs and crayfish.”

Crustastun believes crustaceans should be killed humanely before cooking. Current methods of boiling live Lobster and Crustaceans are unacceptable. Previously approved methods of so-called humane methods of killing crabs and lobsters have been shown to be wholly inadequate.

Crustaceans which are boiled alive can take 3 minutes to die and stop feeling pain. During this trauma, both taste and tenderness of the meat are negatively affected.

By stunning the lobster or crab with electricity the crustacean feels no pain within half a second and is dead within 5 – 10 seconds.

So How does it work?

The crustacean is placed belly down on a sprung tray in the unit. As the lid is closed, the shellfish and tray are pushed down by the electrode sponge into the saline solution. The operator then presses one of the stun buttons on the front of the machine and current passes through the 13 brain centres of a lobster, or the two brain centres of a crab.
Crustacean Compassion is an animal welfare organisation dedicated to obtaining full legal protection for decapod crustaceans. They are a group of professional animal welfare campaigners who are shocked by the inhumane treatment of crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfish in the food industry, given what is now known about their sentience.

Where can i get one?

Our Online Shopping Centre will be stocking them as soon as they become available.  Expected to be as early as August 2018.  Shop now at Food Equipment Direct.

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What is your opinion?
I wonder what your thoughts are on this debate. Will we follow in Switzerland’s footsteps?

Crustastun Unit -Lobster and Crustaceans
Crustastun Unit

Crustastun in use with chef

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