During a family visit to Kenya during August 2007 Peter & Vanessa Bragg visited Likoni Orphanage and Bongwe Primary School and were fortunate enough to spendsome time with these lovely children.

Despite the tragic circumstances these children found themselves in they all greeted Peter & Vanessa with enthusiastic smiles.
They were in awe of all the adults who, against all the odds, wer dedicated to the children’s welfare. It was a humbling experience which left them with a desire to help them as much as they could.

On our return we set up and registered our charity which we named Aid4orphans. Registered Charity number 1127422

Aid4orphans initially developed projects with the purpose of helping make the orphanages and schools happier healthier places for children to grow up in, with the end goal of making them self-sufficient. We implement projects that focuses on improving education, healthcare, basic infrastructure and self sustainability

We have now extended our work to involve grassroots projects that build stronger communities and tackle the HIV pandemic. We felt that by helping families and strengthening the community, we ensured that they could care and provide for their children resulting in less abandoned or orphaned children.

We are continually working hard to make a better life for these children, and we can only do that with your help. Please give as much as you can to help us help them.

We have many programmes running and various ways in which individuals can help, below is just one of them, if you would like to find out more or would like to make a donation, please visit our website-


These children are urgently in need of a sponsor. £14 a month. Do you know someone who could help?

Everyday we provide a mug of nutritious porridge to 75 children in the Nursery Classes at Timbwani Primary School. It provides basic nutrition to these children some who had previously been attending school on an empty stomach.  Our aim is to increase attendance at school, improve children’s learning ability and health as well as to reduce the strain on families to provide for their children .

The porridge is made of maize flour, sorghum, millet and water and is enriched with sugar which gives the children energy. 

The importance of this cup of porridge each day is paramount. High rates of malnutrition result from the region’s immense poverty and limited education.

Attendance has increased, children are coming every day, love learning  and are sick less often. The nursery teacher attributes this directly to the porridge program.

We remain grateful to Pennoweth School and Truro Nursery School and Trispen with St.Erme School who have generously continued to support this project. 

The Porridge is made daily by the staff at Child of Mercy orphanage and delivered in barrels by pushbike

We rely totally on the wonderful support given to us from our family, friends, colleagues, individual sponsors and schools.

If you would like to help or just find out more information take a look at The charities website.