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Gas Safe Changes to Procedures and its Effect to Your Business

A number of new gas safe rules have been introduced that change the way we have to inspect your appliances, gas installation and report upon the same in the future.

The changes outlined in Gas Safe Technical Bulletin 001 dated 1st July 2015 clearly define The Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure – Edition 7, and cite that “The priority for gas engineers when encountering an unsafe situation is to safeguard life and property, it is essential that gas engineers are able to identify gas equipment and installations which present a danger”.

In the past if an appliance did not comply it fell in to one of three categories (Not to Current Standards, At Risk or Immediately Dangerous) and the procedure if an appliance was Not to Current or At Risk was that we would inform the responsible person and record the same on the engineers job sheet; this will no longer be the case.

With immediate effect the categories (if an appliance or installation does not comply) has been reduced to two (At Risk & Immediately Dangerous) and if an appliance does not comply we have no choice and have to affix the Safety Warning sticker below to the appliance.



If an appliance is at Risk the principle objective is for the engineer to make the situation safe, and to advise the responsible person to not use the appliance, he must also apply the above warning notice; this will also apply to Gas Installations if for example (and there are many) there is no Gas Interlock System present or if CO2 levels at the site are in-excess of permitted guidelines.

If an appliance / installation is deemed to be Immediately Dangerous we have to inform the responsible person of the danger, and again, we have to apply the sticker and have to isolate the appliance.

The new regulations came into effect on 1st July 2015; however to allow gas safe registered businesses time to implement the necessary processes and procedures to reflect the technical requirements of the amended gas safe procedure, Gas Safe Register will inspect to this version of the Procedure from 1st July 2016. However their guidance dictates that this should not restrict businesses from applying the procedure sooner.

What does this mean for you?

If your site does not comply, and if the noncompliance puts life or property at risk the noncompliance will have to be addressed. These include sites without Gas Management Systems or with Poor (non-existent) CO 2 Management; it also applies to older appliances which are operational but do not have flame failure devices and a gas proving system, or to sites who have an inadequate gas supply (the aforementioned are just a few examples of how the change may effect you).

To ascertain where you stand a good starting point would be to review your last gas safety certificate where any non-compliance should be clearly detailed. Alternatively we are here to assist; we have the expertise to bring your site up to current standards NOW be it a simple gas upgrade or rectification of any of any noncompliance issue.

If you would like to arrange a meeting on your site to discuss your individual requirements please call our technical support helpline now on 01803 310111.

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