In the pure peace, quietness and natural beauty at the edge of the Halden Forest near Exeter is a very special place, Embercombe.

This is a location and customer very unlike any other that Allsop & Pitts have worked with. Embercombe is a training centre that focuses on improving the personal development and well-being of its clients by showing them a different, closer to nature lifestyle during the programmes that it runs for all age groups and businesses.

At the bottom of the site is a building created with natural materials, including wood felled from the site, designed to have a low environmental impact that Allsop & Pitts have designed, supplied and installed kitchens into.

The Linhay has two kitchens. The first will produce meals for the staff and their clients during the day, it has a dual fuel range that will run off gas that site will in time produce themselves plus enough workspace for as many volunteers to work at as they need plus refrigeration and wash-up facilities. Within the bespoke fabrication Allsop & Pitts have blended stainless steel with wooden features provided by Embercombe.

The second is a training kitchen where clients will learn how to take produce from the land and create home-made healthy food. Again a dual fuel range is the main cooking equipment with ample work surfaces and refrigeration for the trainees and staff to use.

Working with Embercombe to be sensitive to their specific operational ethic but meeting the requirements of a commercial catering operation has been an interesting challenge. The majority of the equipment has been sourced from UK manufactures, the fabrication is designed to fit around the wooden frame of the building and has extra high splashbacks to protect the special wall surface and the floor covering has a high recycled material content.

Embercombe, Exeter

16th April 2015