Baring Court



Exeter University run many courses which require special facilities and equipment to help the students test and learn all there is on the chosen subject.

The new training kitchen installed into Baring Court is exactly that type of facility. Here students will test food to analyse how it reacts when being heated in many different ways whilst looking at composition and nutrition.

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The kitchen has a number of identical workstations incorporating induction hobs and convection ovens each in a bespoke stainless steel unit. One station is equipped for DDA use with an electrically adjustable work table and side opening oven to adapt to the specific needs of the student using it.

Additionally there is a Lecturers station with the same equipment and an overhead mirror to give all students a good view of the demonstration.

Delivered & installed on time

In support there is a wash-up, dry store and micro-lift that connect the kitchen with a new teaching space on the floor above.

Working with Fifields the kitchen was delivered and installed in time for the new term and put into use following full product demonstrations and instruction.